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Claravis (Accutane) Journey



Alright, I know there are about a million of these logs on this site, but I feel like this will be a good support for me while i'm on Claravis (which I is of course a generic brand of accutane). Anyways though, my name is Heather and I started Clarvis 9 days ago. I am on 20 mg a day which I feel like isn't a very high dosage, but hey i'm not a dermatologist. I weigh 133 and am about 5'7. My skin isn't really all that bad but I have been on EVERYTHING under the sun, and have been going to a derm since I was I think 14 and I turned 21 in November of 2011. My first derm put me on the newest products every time he saw me and nothing he ever put me on helped so I turned to a new derm who put me on things that were actually supposed to help people with acne that had persisted other topical meds and what not. And then 2 years of all the antibiotics my derm could think of she said accutane was the next step. I was sooooo unbelievably happy. My brother went on accutane right around the same time I did, he was on it for 4 months and has never had acne since, he is 31 now.

Anyways, so far so good. I haven't broken out any worse than I was when I started claravis. Just a little bit of dryness, but honestly it's less dry than it was when I was on whatever antibiotic I was on before clarvis and tazorac. The tazorac made my skin flaky, but it was still oily and I don't know it was just strange. I have a few little whiteheads right now on my jawline, and then just 1 big under the skin pimple that is on my cheek bone and it hurts really badly. Does anyone know if I can do anything to try to help the big zit hurt less or be less red or anything? I am trying really hard not to pop things but it is tough because I used to pick my skin ALL the time,

Other than all that, I take my Claravis in the morning with breakfast and a full glass of water, I drink a ton of water, like just a TON. I have been really proactive about my skin care since I started claravis and for the whole month before I started. I use aquaphor on my lips whenever they feel dry and definitely right before bed and once i wake up. The only other things I use are an aveeno oatmeal bar in the morning in the shower which is super moisturizing and reduces redness because of the oatmeal, it is also scent free. I then use cetaphil lotion on my face after I get out of the shower and when that dries completely I use cetaphil moisture balm (I think) which is just a super thick lotion. I do the same thing at night only I use a cetaphil face wash instead of the aveeno bar. I'm prone to dry skin so the extra lotion seemed like a must for me.

Eek! Sorry for the book for anyone who actually reads this, I just want to get it all out there.

If anyone has anything to share please do! I'd be curious to know if I have surpassed when an inital breakout will occur or if I should still be waiting anxiously to see if I get one. My brother said he never had a bad breakout on it so i'm hoping i'm as lucky as him! The picture is of me right now. It is a seriously AWFUL picture but you can see the red mark on my cheek from the big one I have now and some of the little things by my chin, and well all the other gross stuff on my face :-( It's not horrible though, i'm just happy to be on accutane and really looking forward to everything thats to come!


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