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Ups And Downs



Hello, update on 9 weeks spiro 100mg 1x day, been off differin for about 2 weeks (made my skin FREAK OUT or thats what the derm thinks i hope shes right- pics are in gallery). i've also been off birth control for about 6 weeks. i was using tretinoin 0.1% before my face erupted every night but my derm told me not to use anything because she wants my skin to calm down since the differin last week. but i did use it maybe twice over these last 2 weeks, only a verrry verry small amt on my problem area. other than that i'm just doing spiro and lotion and makeup

ok so the beginning of this week wasn't that bad for my skin, i had a couple of actives but nothing terrible, i was getting my confidence back and doing more stuff, i felt good about myself. but by the end of the week my skin has been getting worse, yesterday and today i've had several more actives (mostly smal-med pustules w/ white heads). my skin tone is overall less red, but i'm fairly pale this time of year so all the pimples look even redder. my forehead looks good, 2-3 small skin colored zits but nothing major they don't even bother me. every time i make progress i'm let down.

what does bother me however is how bumpy my skin feels when washing me face or putting lotion on because i have several slightly raised pinky-red zits on either side of my cheek, you can see them more in the light that they are raised but not terribly noticeable looking straight on, just pink-red. my L cheek is still the worst blotchy and red and more actives on that side.

i have to admit i did pop some large whiteheads because i can't go out of the house like that, i only pop where i know they won't scar, chin area and sides of temples. i know i know i shouldn't but i rarely do i promise. and i would never pop ones on my cheeks because they scar instantly.

my hyperpigmentation that i was fighting before this crazy breakout of the last 2 weeks possible look like they may be SLIGHTLY fading, idk if its because i've been preoccupied w/ the redness and active pimples that i'm not only looking at the PIH which is the reason i think, where before i barely had any actives and only the PIH to worry about, ugghh what i would give for that back, i just don't know how to get back to that skin b/c i can't figure out what is the cause of my acne.

so i just don't know what to do anymore because my skin is so up and down. i get excited and now i'm disappointed today because my skin looks like its going backward today. i'm sick of this emotional and skin roller coaster.

the other thing i was considering is my makeup. i use dermablend cover stick just on the bad areas and bare minerals foundation powder on my whole face, my skin still looks super uneven because i'm bad at makeup and the coverstick doesn't really do too much but i hate makeup. my face is dry in the am but gets super oily all over 5H after i wash so i use blotting papers and then touch up w/ powder. i've been using this for 6+ months now. so i don't think the makeup is my issue because i used it when my face was really clear. I HATE using coverup because i never did before last year and my terrible breakouts. i love my powder b/c of my shiny skin but i've never been good at makeup because i never worse it before. i cannot use liquid foundation nor do i want to because i feel that would just make matters worse and i have oily skin but i think thats the only thing that will get the coverage i want and my skin won't looks so uneven.

so i'm wondering if anyone has and tips on covering up this acne w/o causing breakouts, if that is possible?? i know there are threads out there and i've tried to look for something but i'm super nervous about trying something new.

if you read my other posts i did sign up to start accutane next month, march 9th is my next blood test, i was hoping that over this next month things would look better so i don't have to go through that but over this last week i cannot wait for accutane because this last year has been complete hell. i feel so trapped. my aunt , now 33, went on accutane late teens early 20s and she's been clear ever since, she is still oily but she said it wasn't as bad as before. so i am hopeful about accutane because we have the same skin type and very similar genetics so i'm thinking it will do the same for me.

wow i always have a lot to say apparently. thanks for reading.


Hey there! You are in the same place I was about a month ago, just waiting for accutane. I hope your skin clears up before then, I was hoping the same thing but unfortunately mine didn't. The waiting process for accutane sucks, that seemed like the longest month of my life. You will get there, and just be hopeful! Just think that if your skin doesn't clear up before your next derm appointment you will start accutane, and accutane is going to work, it works for almost everyone. Keep your head up, it'll get better one way or another!

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Hi Leopard1! I am glad to see a fellow RN on here! I totally know how you feel when it comes to work and bad skin. The flourescent lighting in hospitals makes it look even worse and I know how you feel about working with other women with clear, beautiful skin! Since we mainly work with other women that is. I used to work night shift and I would dread the hour when handoff happened because I felt like a big greaseball at the end of shift. Plus it is scary thinking of all of the bacteria that could get on our face during work! Everytime I have a convo with a doc I feel like they are staring at my skin. I just moved to Georgia from Florida with my fiance and I am currently jobless. But I will let you know how it feels being on accutane at work when I get a job! I am sure not much different.

I felt completely hopeless about my skin before I started accutane but 8 days into treatment I don't have any regrets! I think the hardest part is making the decision to do it and sticking to it. I have a lot of dark red scarring from previous pimples but they are already fading! No initial breakout yet. My face already feels smoother on the areas with no pimples. Can't wait to hear about your journey as well!

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