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My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 8 & 9



Description -

Hey guys! It's been another two week and I finally entered my third month!!! Now, I think it's safe to say that my initial breakout was not that severe. This was probably because before Accutane I took antibiotics for my cystic acne. Which worked to a certain degree with very irritating side affects. Therefore, I started taking Accutane when I noticed I was getting use to the antibiotics. These past two weeks was hell, I had a combination of sever seasonal allergies with Accutane side effects. This combination caused me to have tear, sweat, and snot flying out when I run. I don't have it anymore though, now that I finally got my allergy medicine =.=. I just wanted to add that if you live near L.A., you should start taking Accutane in the fall season. This is so you don't have to deal with too much sun and you will finish right before summer. However, if you wish to not let people see you during your IE, then you can take it during the summer. Although, you will be missing out your break and having to deal with the burning California sun. I will be back either next week or in two weeks with updates. Thank you for reading!

Side Effects -

- same old

- Dry patches of skin, eczema? They go away though

- Dryness which caused the part where my earlobe touches my head to rip. It hurts very much and I've been applying vaseline and neosporin on it. In my earlier posts I said that my skin is very fragile right now. As a result, where they ripped are large red marks.

- Flushing when I laugh too hard or when I am embarrassed

- With the problem of bleeding, I researched and it is probably due to dryness of my anal ring or somewhere near there. However, if you guys see dark blood I would suggest you call you derm and discontinue taking Accutane until then

Affect Running?-

-I haven't said much about how Accutane affects me as an athlete because it didn't affect me that much. However, recently I have noticed a little bit of pain in my hips and knees. This may be due to the beginning of track season and the intensified workouts. Furthermore, I have noticed that certain type of stretches I have to do slowly because of my back pain. Even though the back pain does not affect me in any way while I run.

Skin This Week -

- The first week I had two large pimples, one on my forehead and another on my right cheek (I break out more on my right cheek...) These also left those red marks I talked about

- Although there are currently no pimples that hurt, there are still many white heads and black heads


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