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Its Finally Happening!....day 1



So the journey begins......

I know everybody says that but thats what it feels likeproud.gif

Gaaah Im sooooo excited (if you couldn't already tell by the titleblush.png )

I don't really know what to say other than hi, Im Natalie. Im a girl, im 17 years old, im 5'10" and i weigh about 125pounds. ive tried everything and nothing has made any difference in my skin blah blah blah so my doctor perscribed me two tablets of 20mg of accutane a day (same thing as 40mg) to start out with and im so excited! banana.gif

Oh, also, I don't have really severe acne, i mean, it's pretty bad but not like big cysts all over my face but my biggest problem is the scarring. I scar sooooo easily (probably doesnt help that im extremely fair skinned). for example, about 3 years ago i went camping up in Idaho and i got a whole bunch of mosquito bites all over my ankles and they're still there after all this time!!! goaway.gif same thing goes with my face. the scars of course arent as bad as they were before but theyre still quite noticable and it sucks. even if i have no zits on my cheeks or something (i get less acne in the winter) i still have to wear foundation because of the stupid purple scars. and acne scar cremes only helps if i put it on directly after i pop the pimple or maybe the day after but even then, it never entirely gets rid of the scar. it sucks.

I think i added a picture of my lower face without makeup last summer at the bottom...see if it works outeusa_pray.gif


I bought a couple of things in preparation of this...partaking? Let's see, i bought some aquaphor for starters, some conditioning shampoo(its this product by loreal and its like 1/3 shampoo and 2/3 conditioner), some SPF60 sunscreen for face (its by anthelios and ive tried it out and it seriously feels like liquid nothing on my face!!! i highly recommend it though its pretty expensive), some soothing oil body wash by eucerin and some vitamin E oil and Jojoba oil for my face lotion. I hope that's going to be everything i need to survive.

Wrote more than i thought eusa_think.gif oh well! whatever.

If you have any helpful tips or any questions please let me know!

umm...signing out?


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Oh my gosh that picture is a lot bigger and a lot more detailed than i thought it would be D: eh heh heh...how embarrasing. sorry for its In-Your-Face-ness everybody!

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Good luck! My name is Katie and I started Amnesteem 40 mg once a day on Feb 14th! I did the same thing you did and stocked up on eye drops, chap stick and moisturizer. Let me know how your journey goes! Mine has been good so far. I have already dried up a little bit but nothing too crazy!

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All the best on "your journey". I am on 20mg alternate days, 10mg alternate days and it's been a wonder drug for me so wishing you the same results......Good luck and keep those lips smeared with a good lip salve

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