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Week 3



Week 3

So it's week three and i have some GREAT news... I'm practically 80% clear..... I can't even believe it myself, but i will not be posting pictures of myself until the end of my treatment, I'll throw a video up of my face day to day (if it's possible amused.gif)

My face is looking great, I've had plenty of compliments thrown at me, my family and friends say I'm brimming with confidence, i went for a meal with 30 of my family and there was a discussion about my skin, even though it was my uncle's birthday. I was the man of the moment because of my skin.

There were plenty of photos taken and my skin looks better than anyone else in those photos. YAY! banana.gif

I would post those photos, but I would be nervous if anybody saw them and recognised me.dontgetit.gif

Side effects

So then, excited to hear about this part are we? glare.gif

The dry lips are getting worse, although they are easy to keep under control, if I ever left the house without any sort of lip-balm within 20 minutes my lips would be scabby and flaking, seriously. I'm using anything with cocoa butter in because that stuff is like Jesus' saliva.... weird picture right there for you. proud.gif

I haven't really had dry skin..... My face feels like how it should... NORMAL! it's not oily or dry, LOVE IT! YES!

One pretty bad thing to report...... saywhat.gif

Me and my 7 year old brother were sort of play fighting.... and he slapped me straight in the face which caused my nose to start bleeding... It wasn't anything bad... but it wasn't exactly normal and I didn't think anything of it at the time.... but then when i went to bed... I woke up and blood was everywhere. I sat up and it started dripping out of my nose like a tap doing its drippy thing, I was so tired that I barely got to the bathroom without drenching everything in blood on my way there. It didn't bleed last night because i stuck some vaseline up both my nostrils.... Although me and my parents seem to think that because I have two portable heaters in my room and the windows closed and my curtains closed constantly, we think that because the air is so dry at night, its not really letting my nose, which is already damaged heal itself properly.(I have my windows closed because i dislike sunlight at the moment)

I'll be sticking some vaseline up there tonight, I love my sleep. Remember accutane users, sleep in a well ventilated room, or your nose will not appreciate it... like mine crazy.gif

And that is it... i think, til next time. razz.gif

Buona Sera proud.gif


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