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The Fight V2

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History With Acne




  • Acne started at 9. Wasn't too concerned about it then. I am not sure why but didn't seem like a big deal then. Regret it now.
  • I also have some back acne mostly I have a few at a time but can be pretty big.
  • For me it is hereditary to some point. My dad and brother had bad acne. All of us have ice pick scarring as well from it. My brother pretty much cleared up when he hit his late teens to 20s.
  • It is also hormonal for me I believe as my hormones aren't really balanced. I have had irregular menstruation all my life. It is at least normalizing a little now after 13 years.
  • Have not been completely clear at any point since I was 9 I am now 24 going on 25.

    Treatments I've tried
    • various drugstore products
    • antibiotics - 2 different types one of them doxycycline which worked ok but didn't make me clear. I got clear enough at one point that my dermatologist stopped the antibiotics and just kept me on the topical treatments.
    • various topical tratments from dermatologist (I do not know what they were because all of it was repackaged and I never asked.) Heck I was just a kid then.

      After I stopped antibiotics, my skin wasn't fully clear it was just better. I got sick of it and stopped going to the dermatologist. I was a patient for at least 5 years. I don't remember exactly.

      My acne became pretty bad with cysts and nodules when I was about 19. I tried looking about for things to treat it again. So all this while I've only took medication, skincare products and topical treatments. Nothing remotely holistic or dietary.

      Around 2008 I looked up this site and started reading the forums learning a lot.

      Things's I've tried since I discovered the site

      The Regimen for 3 months - Panoxyl 2.5, Neutrogena Oil- Free Moisturiser, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (read my other blog for a bit of a progress log) didn't particularly work for me so I stopped it.

      Apple Cider Vinegar as toner and in water as a drink - did not follow through it for long

      Zinc - no results at all for me

      After that, I just gave up and just used the Cetaphil cleanser mostly and that was it.

      Since then, I have slowly started using other products like toners, exfoliators, moisturisers.

      What I have been using for the past year
      Cleanser - Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam (looking for a new cleanser)
      Toner - Laneige Pore Trouble Skin Refiner - discontinued
      AHA morning only - Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion 10% Glycolic AHA (love this makes my skin so soft)
      Cure Aqua Gel (exfoliator)

      I do use makeup on and off. Not everyday but I just started only recently and it may have some effect on my acne as I am breaking out more currently but concentrated on my chin.

      The Newly Added

      • Benzac 5 - (started 8/2/2012) after 5 days of use it is so much better than Panoxyl. It dries looking matte does not have strong smell unlike Panoxyl. Doesn't dry out my skin too much but does make my skin red noticed (13/2/2012)
      • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 55 (started 8/2/2012)
      • Rosken Dry Skin Cream - very small amount occasionally when I feel like my skin is a little dry
      • CellLabs GI Flora - probiotics (started 13/2/2012)
      • Apple Phyto Fiber - for the fiber just to try it out. Fiber capsules are pretty rare here. I got what I could. will look for other better fiber supplement


      [*]Himalaya Protecting Neem & Turmeric Soap - (started 8/2/2012) Slightly drying but smells good and seems to be working well at drying out my bacne

      Very excited about this. It was recommended to me by a friend. They also have a similar body wash which should be less drying but my friend said it doesn't work as well. It is also more expensive.

      They have a neem face wash as well! Hmm I might just try that one my Laneige is used up. No harm I think since it isn't too expensive and seems to work for my bacne.


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