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Just About 3Weeks In



Hey, so im just about 3 weeks in. had a major breakout last week. This week seems pretty good mayb 1 new pimple and last weeks pimples are starting to heal. Also in the past weeks i had a problem with flakiness after using spf moisterizer and i finally figured out how to use it without the flakiness. Just mix 1/2 pump of dan's moisterizer with 1 pump of cetaphil 50spf moisterizer and 4-6 drops of jojoba oil and it just goes on and stays on. so i've finally got to the full 2 pumps or 1 finger line and no irritations, no signs of redness =) and well i think its gonna start goin good from here. i also stop drinking coffee and stopped using complex 15 cause some ppl gotten breakouts from it and i think thats why i had some bad breakouts last week. will be starting AHA+ soon cant wait to get rid of my hyperpigmentation.


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