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7 Months Post Accutane!



It has been officially 7 months since my last accutance pill and I am still 100 percent CLEAR!!! hifive.gif

I just got married on saturday and viewed my pictures and they look AMAZING! My skin looks spectacular with no enhacements!

I can't believe how happy I am with my results!

My skin at this time has gone back to my normal oily self and so has my hair....the oil came back around month 5 to 6 and I was nervous since I thought the acne would come back with the oil...but so far my skin has staid comptley clear. I don't even remember what a black head or white head looks like....cool.png

Funny thing is that I still have nightmares that my face is complety covered in acne...LOL...rolleyes.gif I guess your really never forget.

For those who have just started with accutane hang in there the results are well worth the aches and pains! And yes my body has completly gone back to normal - No joint pain, no headaches, dryness gone! teehee.gif


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Hey, congratulations! It must feel great to have clear skin on such a special day of your life :) Just wondering, did you suffer from tiredness for a while after stopping accutane? and also, how long did the red marks take to fade?

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I felt fatigue about a month after my last dose....The red marks took a lot longer....I think I started to see a big difference after month 3...It does take a while but you will see beutiful healthy skin about 6 months after your last dose...

Hope this helps!

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how many months were you on accutane for? i'm glad its worked for you :) and i understand about the nightmares lol. xx

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I was on accutane for 7 months at 80mg a day. Very strong dossage and it was very hard with the side effects, but my derm keep me there to make sure my acne would not come back...It was well worth it! :))

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