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Feb 9



Wow I can't belived a year has passed since I've been on this regimen. I can't say enough about the spiro and the atralin gel. They are both amazing!!!!!!! I'm so so so so happy with my complexion. I have minimum break outs right about a week before my period and they usally heal within 2 days.

Just the other day I was washing my face in the shower and I was just so greatful to God that as I ran my hand accross my face all I felt was smoothness. Unlike a year ago, were the water itself was painful as it ran accross my face.

Well yesterday I got my period. That's anohter thing, I seem to be getting a regular cycle. I no longer have spotting like I initially did w/ spiro.

Now that everthing is going so smoothly, I'm very happy with my appearance. I feel comfortable with myself, I think too comfortable since I being lazy and not excerising like I did a year ago. I just can't get off this wagon! I feel so tired. i have such a lousey habit of sleeping late, which is an excuse and I don't get up for my 5:30a.m. TBC class.!!! uhu.....I'm lacking the motivation, I got to clean up my act. My thighs and butt have actually developed cellulite!!!!!!!!!! I feel so gross. But I can't blame anyone but myself. My diet has actually been terrible, eathing high fat foods. The only good thing about my diet is that I still avoid all dairy products.

Well I'm hoping today is the start of a new day for me. I actually had a salad for lunch. Which right now I'm beinging to feel hungry again.

It's not that I'm actually fat, I just need to tone my body. Hard work is coming up ahead.

My hubby could care less i think...whether i'm in prime shape or like I am now, he still thinks I'm sexy......he doen'st notice what I notice and thinks I'm crazy and overexagerating. Seeing cellulite indentations int he mirror is not overaggerating.

Well this is my update and how feel today.........almost forgot to mention, my hubby wants to have anohter baby, but I'm just too freaked out. Well see what happens......


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