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First Day



Today is day one of my treatment - I have such high hopes for my skin, but I'm really hoping that nothing horribly drastic (negatively, at least) happens. I've heard horror stories about all of the prescription medicine, so I'm not really looking forward to having worse breakouts, itching/burning skin that doesn't allow me to sleep or peeling so much that I can't even put on makeup.

My dermatologist has prescribed two 75mg monodox capsules per day (one in the morning and one at night), aczone 5% gel in the morning and tazorac 0.05% cream at night.

I took my first monodox capsule about an hour ago and will be putting on the aczone gel once I take my morning shower. I have heard it's best to wait until your face has completely air dried before putting on any medicines, so I'm hoping to have time during the weekdays to wait 30 minutes or so after washing my face to put it on. Weekends won't be an issue, but I normally don't take that long to get ready to go to work in the morning.

Will let you know how it goes...fingers crossed that nothing too horrible happens and that I might even get some relief from my persistent acne. I am not putting any gel/cream on my back or chest, but my dermatologist says the monodox should help with those. I have light acne on my chest and moderate/severe acne on my back.

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Good luck!

Where the Aczone and Tazorac are concerned, go easy with it at first and build up your application gradually as your skin gets used to it. As with any retinoid, you might find that it dries your skin out or makes it a little sore for a short while, but small applications should help keep that to a minimum. They sometimes trigger breakouts to begin with but the Monodox should help control that.

You've got the bases covered, tackling things internally and topically at the same time. I took the same approach, using Doxycycline and Isotretinoin gel, and I've seen good results there. I was still breaking out a bit, turned out that the final piece in the puzzle for me was diet related, but the things I was prescribed certainly have made a lot of difference. Coming towards the end of the Doxy actually, hoping I can taper off and that my skin won't go downhill afterwards.

Your skin looks in pretty good shape to me and the breakouts seem isolated mostly to the cheeks. Always a bit easier to tackle when it's just specific areas. My acne always used to freak me out but I was always equally as grateful that it was primarily in just a couple of areas. Fingers crossed that you get the results and the clear skin you're hoping for. :)

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