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Day 43 - And Stopping Accutane



Hi Everyone -

I've had a roller coaster week in making this decision and dealing with so many unknowns, but I have decided to stop taking accutane. I have been on it for 43 days (28 days on 30mg/day and 15 days on 60mg/day). On 30, I noticed the dry lips, dry eyes, and mild grumpiness. Annoying, but manageable. However, 60 was a whole new ball game for me. The existing symptoms increased in strength and I added hair loss to them. My ponytail has decreased by about 20% at least. I have discussed this with my dermatologist and she pretty much left it up to me to decide what I wanted to do. I am hoping this is temporary, but I also know that accutane stays in your system for a while even after you stop taking it, so I know the shedding won't stop anytime soon, but am hoping that by April, my hair will be what it was. Has anyone stopped their course early because of this, and is it more likely to grow back having not completed a full course? Any feedback would be great.

Thanks! and good luck everyone!


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Ugh! That sucks. I haven't had hair loss but my hair is dry. Doesn't look as shiny as before. Well I understand why you would quit. What are you going to use instead?

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Hi depressingface! Sorry I have not posted in a while. After stopping accutane, I quit logging on and being so preoccupied with my face. I was really happy with my face when I was on 30, but again, 60 was just too much. And I got totally spooked with the hair loss so I decided to quit. But now, after about a month off it, I am considering it again... sigh. My derm is totally going to think I'm a lunatic. I will insist this time around to not increase my dose beyond 40 - or maybe even stay at 30. We'll see what she says. I have to say that the few weeks after I stopped accutane, my skin was pretty good. I still had discoloration from previous cystic breakouts and some melasma, but I had no new actives at all. This was the case until a couple of days ago when the breakouts started again. No surprise since I came no where near finishing my course. My hair stopped shedding so much within a week of coming off the 60mg/day, so I am confident that it will stop shedding after this next course. I am hoping that now I know what to expect more, I can get through it.

In the weeks after accutane, I read about zinc and other supplements to help with skin (pycnogenol, MSM, Vitamin C, grapefruit seed extract). My plan was to take all of them and see what happens, but I am starting to break out again. My dermatologist gave me a sample of OC8 on our last appointment to combat the oiliness that she was sure (and correct) would come back. You put it on after moisturizer/sunscreen and before makeup. I have used it for a couple days and it's pretty good. It does decrease the oiliness. Just something to consider if after your course you're still oily.

Sigh.... that's my ridiculous roller coaster update! I hope your course is going well. I haven't read your log but will to see how you're doing!

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Hey just wondering if you went through with accutane again? It works just aswell on 40mg over a long period of time as opposed to 60 -80 mg over a a shorter period of time. Lower dose decreases side effects

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