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Theres A Bun In The Oven :):)



Well howdy folks, geeeeeees sorry ive been gone for like months!!

think someones been hacking into my wireless and stealing my internet, each month ive had the priviledge of like a few hours internet and bam gone! hence no updates at all.... am working on this problem, so far 3 days woohoo progress!

Well heres some exciting news to chew on!!!! Im almost 13 weeks pregnant! geees feels weird to say it, still a bit surreal to tell you the truth. I found out at 5 weeks and then was waiting until 12 weeks to announce to the world. needless to say my body and life has changed alot so far.

My skins a freekin spotty mess with the raging hormones running wild.... i believe by 20 weeks it gets better but has been a real downer after all the progress I had before falling preg, but guess its all worth it hey!! it wont be forever :) obviously as always it has impacted my self esteem a bit and when it looks extra bad the inclination to hide away is there!! but I have pushed myself to keep being social especially as when women in our church fall pregnant for some unknown reason other women are drawn to them like flies :) weird lol, definately more attention this side wahaha.

so ya, ive been keeping up with regimen as much as possible but as skins bad ive been picking it all the time which as we all know helps little to improve the situation. Im just praying now this will pass quick and ill have that gorgeous preggy glow soon enough if thats real that is for people with skin problems :P the thing is ive noticed when hormones are all over the show is doesnt matter what i use, when its bad it stays bad as long as hormones are doing their crazy thing, annoying!!!

Ive gone to a homeopath the other day for something and he says he has something i can try when ive had baby for my skin..so never really tried that route, will see how it goes....

so back to exciting baby stuff ( oh no im gonna be one of those this is all i talk about moms hey !!! dont u hate em!)

i went for my first scan at ten weeks and we saw babys leg kicking.

My next scan is this tuesday coming and its a big one! not only do we get to hear the heartbeat for the first time but we also might find out the gender!! of course passing the 12 week high risk mark has also helped me to relax a bit more into pregnancy.

Well everything in me is hoping for a little girl, Chloe... but will see what God has in store for us... I know I will love whatever we are blessed with.... but the desire for a girl is crazy,ive bought a few pink things in faith lol but we will see!!

My tummy is growing a bit already as uterus grows fast but babys around the size of a lime now... already fingers and toes are going and just about everythings developed, Gods design just blows me away, its all so intricate and amazing its insane!

Ive totally lost my apetite in first trimester and still at that stage now but thankfully I never got bad morning sickness at all, a few moments now and then I felt queezy but nothing unmanageable and no puking ( overshare ya!) just overall mif feeling, so hoping second trimester feeling human again will kick in soon.

so what else has been happening in my life.... mmmm baby brain block... well ive been a hormonal trainwreck on days. poor hubby just ducks and dives out the way... ill just start crying on days and think whats wrong with you!! you have no reason to be sad lol... guess its just all a part of the process. Im at home again, taking it easy, wont be working now unless something comes up on the interiors side, but i am not going looking for work, we decided its most important that because i dont have to work i can i chill and just focus on having a healthy baby without added stress. Its such a blessing, I realize how few people have the opportunity.

So my days consist of sometimes just cleaning and watching tv,cooking when i can stomach it, sometimes getting together with friends who are home or work flexi hours, reading etc.... very chilled and at times boring, but id chose it anyday over work stress with these hormones i promise :)

So thats about it for now i guess... meet baby bean at ten weeks in pics attached


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I wondered how long it would be before you checked in to share the news! I'm not usually one for getting excited about stuff but I was really pleased to hear the news because you're a wonderful person and I know you're going to be an awesome, loving Mum to that extremely lucky lime of yours! wink.png

I guess it's perfectly logical that you'd start to break out but in the grand scheme of things, there's a pretty nice reason as to why that's happening. Fingers crossed it doesn't get too bad and calms down soon though, sure you'd rather be without that. It's fascinating how the body work and how it responds to things, lot of interesting changes ahead. Plus, you'll have an excuse to indulge in all sorts of weird cravings! biggrin.png

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Aw thanks Paul :) U rock! hope alls going well? :D yeah I reckon itll calm down soon when hormones adjust lol... oh the joys

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Wow, congratulations! Apparently a woman is only ever truly happy when she's pregnant smile.png Hopefully the spots are just a hormone thing and will calm down. Also, Chloe is a very nice name for a baby girl!

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OMS! Congratulations FG on the baby lime. I'm so thrilled for you both (you and pappa lime that is).

Ps, I'm not very convinced with the picture of your baby bump. It looks like something that a good pooh wont take care of ;).

Again, amazing, exciting news for all us fellow spotties!

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hehe Thanks Guys and Les, i know my body!! that bump cant be pulled in at all, but yes I think its a combo of gassiness and uterus growing:) hehehe

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