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Day 90



Hi everyone! Wow... can't believe it has been approximately 3 months since I started this log! Woo hoo :) I noticed that I've had quite a fair number of views, so I'm happy this has been helping others out. Clearing acne is so discouraging, and while different things work for different people, I love using acne.org as a resource to see what people's treatments are, and I would not have discovered Isolaz in the first place was it not for acne.org. This community/website is such a valuable resource -- kudos to you, Dan! Even if Dan's regimen doesn't work for you (like it didn't for me), there is still so much great info on this site and is home to such a supportive community.

I'm also happy to say that my skin has MUCH improved since I started this log. Unfortunately it is almost that time of the month, so I do have one rather large inflamed pustule on my chin. But outside from that and a few lingering small cysts, my skin is pretty darn clear...! I am truly in disbelief, and my skin hasn't been this good in a long, long time. I am still doing Isolaz at 1 month intervals now, Differin every night, and I decreased my Clarisonic usage again to every other night--combination of these 3 has vastly improved my skin! I'm very pleased with the results.

I am thinking of posting a few pictures, but they are kind of gross considering my skin was quite... yucky. I have a few photos of my skin on a "good day" a couple weeks before starting Isolaz. I may post them and also take pictures of my skin now to compare. I think that'd be helpful.

While my acne hasn't been cured, it's definitely under control. My only gripe at the moment are those damn cysts on my cheek. Since shooting down that large cyst during my last appointment, the swelling went away from that particular one, but it revealed that there was actually a cluster of smaller cysts surrounding that big one. The Differin isn't making much of a differece on them, so I have a feeling I'm going to have quite a few cortisone shots after my next Isolaz treatment next week :( Don't mean to be such a baby, but they freaking hurt...! Haha. But I am happy that I'm not getting any new cysts, so once the existing ones are treated, I should be good to go. :)

I am also still LOVING my skin care regimen. It works so well for me. I also want to point out that reading the ingredients list is SO IMPORTANT! http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm <-- this website is such a great place to check the comedogenicity of ingredients. I always double check the ingredient lists of any products I'm interested in trying on this list because whiile it's not a guarantee you won't break out from a certain product or the mixture of certain ingredients, I think it is the reason why I have much fewer "fail" products that break me out. But now that I love the products I'm using, I'm not planning to switch any time soon... hee hee :) If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

I have added one product to my regimen though. I felt like it was time for me to get an eye cream to prevent any wrinkles/fine lines from creeping along. I'm already prone to dehydration lines, so I thought it was better to nip them in the bud while they weren't permanent yet. I have been using Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Eye Cream every other night, twice now, and I have to say... while I've just started using it, I'm kind of shocked. The little dehydration line is pretty much gone. I'm always a sceptic about these things, but I always put moisturizer on my eye contour, so I know the eyecream is either more effectively moisturizing to "plump" out the line, or is actually helping cell rejuvination to actually get rid of those teeny lines. I'll update again if it gives me milia or anything, and I'll just update in general after I've used it for a while, but yeah... so far so good. :) It does contain an AHA (glycolic acid) to help with cell turnover, retinyl palmiate that turns into retinol as the skin absorbs it (which I know I can tolerate because of my use of Differin), and is packed with antioxidants (Vitamin C and E) which my skin gets on with pretty well as it is in both my day and night moisturizers as well. So yeah, I am liking that at the moment and will update.

Andddddd yeah. I think that is all for now. My next Isolaz treatment is next Wednesday, February 8th. I'll see ya'll again soon! :D


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