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Confessions Of A Bp Traitor



These are my confessions...yeah,

Just when I thought I could try everything I could try

My pharmacy I find some oxy and I'm ready to fly

These are my confessions

Dan I've changed BP and I don't know what to do

Guess I've got to give part 2 of my confessions

These are my confessions and I don't know what to do

If I'm gonna tell it then I've got to tell it all

Damn near cried when I made that BP call

I'm so throwed and I don't know what to do

But to give you part 2 of my confessions

That's right, I'm now using Oxy 5 vanishing cream. Mostly because it was on special. And my skin has been insane lately. Like 5 pimples on my forehead alone, a few around my lips, and several nasty ones around my jaw on my left side. There's also that pesky seb derm...Anyway, I'm trying to be very consistent and apply it twice daily. After using the Benzac Facewash. I'm also considering adding a tinted spf moisturiser, but I'm not too sure. Depending on how obvious said 'tinting' is. I think it'd look better than the inflamed, red and flaky mess my face has been lately. It's frustrating to be 23 and still have acne. I don't want to be so self-conscious and hyperaware of my skin all the time. I just want to be like most guys that presumably wash their face with water once a day. What a delight that would be! Sigh, maybe I should go to a doctor and get some sort of more permanent fix. It's just so expensive and I feel superficial even considering it. Damn, social conditioning, that says that men aren't supposed to care about their physical appearance and yet are supposed to resemble a Calvin Klein model, with a Barack Obama smile and Johnny Depp's complexion.

Anyway, what else is happening in my life. So much work. My first day off in two weeks will be this Saturday. Granted, my shifts are short, but it's still annoying having to go to work everyday. I've decided I'm going to head home for about another 5 days before I go back to uni at the end of February. Mostly because I won't see my family until Mid year if I don't go now. Weekend trips aren't really worth it. Unfortunately. I may try to go mid semester, but I have a feeling it's going to be a rather assignment intense and time consuming semester. And going home during the mid semester break made the latter half of my semester really painful last year.

Good news, I'm going to see one of my favourite bands in 10 days. Incubus live will be amazing. And it was my Christmas present. Incubus was probably my second true alternative music love in high school. After the RHCPs. So if I become like a screaming girl and throw my t-shirt at them, just don't act surprised.

It's been a pleasure, truly, now off to Neverland!


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I had to like this, because Incubus are amazing. I too, will be attempting to lick Brandon's feet throwing my shirt at him, but from a much closer, more intimate position, hehehe. They are pretty sweet live too, but I am biased.

And Red Hot Chili Peppers are godly. Also fantastic live. When they're pumped full of drugs.

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I saw RHCP in Manchester and I thought they were shite. But I've not heard of incubus. COOL a new band to investigate...i'm off to Utube.

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Ha ha, well, I must confess I haven't heard much of the Red Hot Chilies live and for such a big band that is unusual, so maybe they do suck. But if unblvbl says they're godly then I'll have to at least catch them sometime.

Lol, shut up, I'm hoping the seated ticket means I can wander where I please knowing that I have a seat to return to. Like I'm extra special.

Incubus is an interesting band. They started out really alternative, like funk metal, but now play more pop rock. Some people love their old stuff, some people hate it. Some people worship their new stuff, others loathe the 'sold-out' style. You'll probably know "Drive", their biggest hit. I like most of it, with Morning View being my favourite album.

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Oh god, I can't tell you how much I hate Incubus. I just utubed them and I might have vomited in my mouth. So mainstream and earnest. Admittedly all I listened to was 'Drive' but I don't think I can bring myself to listen to any more of their stuff. I think i need to go and have a second shower......

Why did you make me go and listen to them.? Why????

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Lol, alright, listen to their S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album. A song called Vitamin or a Certain Shade of Green. They used to be far more post-rock, alternative and cool.

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