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Is It Giving Up?



I just went to the derm on an emergency appointment, i feel defeated. All this crap I've been taking for half my life and still i have crappy blotchy oily skin, cysts on my neck and chin and woke up today with tons of tiny red bumps on my forehead and nose. I'm waving the white flag, I start Accutane (Clarivis or whatever) on Wednesday. At 32 this shouldn't be happening. Diets, supplements and all the other garbage I've tried has sort of tamed the acne but its only tamer, not corrected. This is round two of accutane (15 years later), and it is really not what I want to do, but I also just want to be able to wake up and not dread looking in the mirror, or feeling completely out of control of my face.

Can someone pass the cheese to go with that whine?


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