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Acne Scars Suck: Day 21



Well, 21 days later and I have to say I am quite pleased with my face.

When I do get a pimple...it is really tiny. Usually, I get HONKERS on my face. I am so freakin' shocked!!!

I DID start drinking ACV. Now, that crap tastes HORRIBLE! Ugh...but I do have to admit I am not hungry all the time now it seems. AND I do not severely breakout. Is it because of the ACV? The lemons? Or my Birth Control?

Before i began this regimen, I had already been on my Ortho Lo and STILL had some funky breakouts. :\ So, I would say it's not the Ortho Lo helping me.

As for my scars. I do not see a difference. The lemons are suppose to help, but it may take over a month. Haha.



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maybe its birth control ?

It's not the birth control. Ortho Lo is the birth control and I have been on it since like last June and I STILL broke out and got scars.

It must be the ACV. It just has to be...

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