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Day 51 - Still Breaking Out.. Guess I'm Back To Getting Pimples?



Skin has been looking a little worse lately. I'm getting little tiny bumps on my forehead (not active). Two actives on my face, one of which is a BIG cyst on my cheek thats been there for a week :/ The other is kinda big too on my forehead.

Random stuff:

- My face now flushes when I rub it, like when I'm putting moisturizer on

- Got a nosebleed one morning

- My eyes feel really dry in the morning.. Feels like I slept with my eyes half open. Then I have to blink for a minute before it feels normal again.

- Have this weird sorta eczema thing on the back of my hand. It's not inflamed, but its these tiny dots that turn into scabs. Then they heal and go away... Not really sure what it is, I'm guessing dry skin. I think I scratch them in my sleep.

My skin has been looking a teeny bit more oily than it was a week ago, but hardly noticeable.


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