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I Took My First Pill Exactly A Year Ago...



It's day 81 post accutane. What can I say? I'm 100% clear.

OK, I get about 1 zit in two weeks, but they are unobtrusive and go away over night. So yup, im acne-free... rolleyes.gif FINALLY!

I could say that accutane changed my life, but it only changed my face. Those sight issues I told about in the end of my treatment are still bothering me. It's like,, I wake up in the morning and feel good. When I go to school everything's fine for an hour. But at school, my vision starts to get blurred through the day, and in the evening when I get home and watch TV, I have to squint to see the TV guide properly... it sucks ass and I'm just hoping it to go away. I'm so pissed off, first im concerned about my acne and then when it's gone, I have to buy glasses... Well I can't be sure if its from accutane, but I'm pretty sure it had some side effects in vision as well. I've been trying eyedrops but they dont help. However I can make it without glasses, but i think i should see an eyedoctor. But it's weird how in the morning I can see properly?

But overall lif is good. Still some scars and redness but i dont mind.

So if you're reading this blog and aren't on accutane, my advice is to think twice before taking it.


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