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Day 14 - How To Stay Positive



Unfortunately, the "no initial breakout" stage did not last. Day 14 and suddenly I have breakouts on my chin and cheeks and one on my forehead. My face is red and flaky too. So it's a weird combination of acne and dry skin. I guess I have to try to see the humor in that. I'd be interested in what others do to stay positive when their skin is really bad.

Here is what I've been doing :

  • Remember that this is temporary. Because I decided to pursue this treatment (isotretinoin), I have hope of clear skin long term. And that feels good! I'm also glad I'm going this through the winter when it's easier to be less social on really bad days.
  • Allow myself only a few minutes a day to obssess about my skin. After that , I move on. I don't even check my face during the day, and I wash my face as soon as I get home so I can't be discouraged about how my face looked during the day ( foundation, flakiness, etc)
  • Remember that no one is thinking about my skin as much as me. If I'm feeling insecure I try to do something to make someone else feel good. They always respond positively, which makes me feel good , and less self-conscious.
  • It also helps to know that so many others have the same struggle and feel the same way, which is why I appreciate this site.

Well, I hope you are all having a good week. For those trying new treatments, hang in there!!! Lots of us understand what you are going through because we are going though it too - I hope that gives some comfort.

PS: One another note, I'm having technical dificulties. Can't seem to set up an avatar, or load pictures , or change my profile. Sorry that my sharing is limited.


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