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Day 42 (+ Recap)



Mini-breakout this time, but I've been under a lot of stress, so it's expected. Luckily, my rash is fading rapidly, perhaps since I've stopped showering every night.

So I guess to recap my whole experience:

+ Acne has started to go away (very very sloooowly!)

+ No joint pain

+ I had no initial breakout on 40 mg accutane

+ Skin isn't dry? It gets a bit flaky about one morning/week, so I just put on some lotion and it's gone for another while

+ Hair seems normal

+ No obvious mental side effects (I'm a bit depressed, but that's not new)

- Obviously, dry lips

- Blu-light doesn't really do anything, but it's relaxing

- Bizzaro rash

- Nails are more brittle than usual

- Occasional dry eyes, but not chronic

Oh, and price!

My entire blu-light package cost a grand total of $200, totally not worth it, but it's already paid for.

Accutane costs me 16.75 per month,

I might upload some progress pics later on, but I'm wearing make-up right now so I can't take a current one.

I'm really hoping for my skin to be clear enough that I feel comfortable going out without make-up by March.


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