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You Tell Me How Bad It Is!



so this is my first time posting pictures. i've always been too embarassed. as you can see my acne is mainly on my cheeks, jawline, and chin... maybe some of you can help me out to see what i'm doing wrong!



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Looking at the pictures, I'd say that your acne is pretty mild and your skin tone appears nice and even. Something to remain positive about right there. Sure, there's acne to be cleared up but you can definitely fix that. The theory goes that acne primarily located on the cheeks is hormonal so perhaps that's an area you can look into as far as treatments go. What have you tried previously? What do you currently do to improve things and take care of your skin? smile.png

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I agree with everything Paul has said including his questions. You mentioned that you've tried Proactive in the past. Have you read up about the 'Regimen' on this site? It would be worth giving it a go. But don't be looking for quick cures. Following the regimen takes quite a lot of dedication and persistence but it works (well it did for me).

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