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Day 8



So far I'm pleased with what Clarus is doing to my skin. My skin is peeling and is drier after I wash it. I do have the "accutane glow" , meaning my face is more redish, however, I'll take that any day over acne. I'm grateful that so far no dreaded initial breakout or hair loss, but its only been one week so maybe that's to come. So far, I have no new breakouts and overall my skin seems to be healing. Feels soooooo good not to feel shy about my skin though To sum up

- No new or active breakouts.

- Old spots are healing

- Skin is dryer and redder.

- No major negative side effects.

Oh, and I'm on 40mg / day. Hope the progress continues.

I hope you are all doing well, and making progress too!!!


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