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Day 7 On My Roaccutane Journey



Hi everyone

I'm a 31 year old woman who gave birth to a lovely little girl called Holly 4 weeks ago (21 Dec 2011). I had battled with acne since my teenage years which was always controlled with Dianette contraceptive. Over the years I have come off the pill and my acne always returned with a vengeance. After deciding to try for a family, I became pregnant and from 12 weeks onwards, my acne steadily became worse and worse. My pregnancy was a complete misery as I was depressed all the time about how I looked, tried to avoid people and generally stayed indoors :(

People don't realise the awful psychological effect acne has on people - I got to a point where I was obsessing over my skin and due to the depression it caused, I pushed to be induced as I couldn't cope anymore.

As soon as I had Holly, my skin instantly started to improve - however, it has recently got worse again and is particularly bad around my chin area. Due to the scarring, blackheads and whiteheads, new spots etc, my chin looks a complete mess and I cannot even hide it under make-up.

So...I decided to see a private derm who has prescribed me roaccutane. In addition to being back on Dianette I am now on day 7 of the roaccutane and taking anti-depressants cope. I'm pretty gutted to see that many new spots/whiteheads seem to be coming to the surface - also known as the initial breakout I think. I feel so anxious and depressed about it but am hoping that this is just the roaccutane pushing everything out rather than my skin just getting worse.

I am trying to stay positive for my husband and new baby but it's just so hard. Along with the stress of raising a newborn, I have this ongoing daily battle to face.

Will keep you posted on my progress and wish everyone lots of luck in this struggle against acne - replies to this post are much appreciated.

Sue x


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hey sue, it sometimes feels like you fight a losing battle right? like it will always come back to haunt you.

i hear the pyschological impact of getting acne. it made me feel like dirt.

but i know you can do it, best of luck! step it up and persist everyday! ^_^

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Hi Sue, congratulations on your new baby!! What a lovely christmas present that must have been!!

Keep positive because your skin will get better and better with every pill you take and the initial breakout doesn't last forever and you know that it's at least working on your skin......more than can be said for these anti-biotics. It's still very early days. I also saw a private derm as my appointment on the NHS, I live in the UK, was a 12 weeks wait, and I was going crazy with my skin and so I saw a derm the very next day I rang up and he said my skin was the worst he'd every seen in over 40 years!! Well, I've been on accutane now 10 weeks and it's never looked so good so just hang in there and it WILL get better and you'll forget you ever had bad skin.

All the best,Sue

Mozzy x

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