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Day Thirty-Nine



So the past week, I've been eating good, feeling good, and looking good!

My skin has gotten noticeably better in terms of actives, lumps and bumps, etc, but unfortunately the amount of red marks left over makes it seem like my acne hasn't gotten much better :/.

I'm hopeful though, since red marks should fade somewhat soon and I haven't gotten any scarring.

The rash on my hand has spread to my other hand, and up my arm, with some on my legs as well. It burns occasionally, and I've been treating it with zinc oxide cream and hoping for the best. I'm probably going to cut back the amount of showers to twice a week, since I don't get oily, greasy hair, etc. anymore. I hope that will help for my rash.

In other news, I had a cold the past couple days, blew my nose, and a bunch of blood came out! For the record, I've had two bloody noses in my life: one when I was punched in the face, and another when I fell down a flight of stairs and hit my face on the railing. My family gets them all the time though.

I've managed to dodge a couple side-effects: dry eyes, and dry skin. Every so often I need to put on some lotion, and then within an hour, the dryness is gone.


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