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2 Years Update Accutane (Claravis)



It's been a couple months more than 2 years now since I got off of Accutane. My face is still clear except for some scarring that still didn't go away yet (idk if it will ever). I did get like a full blown pimple 2 days ago on my cheek which surprised me and made me concerned because I didn't get one of those since I got off accutane. Also, yesterday and today I noticed I got like two small (very small) pimples on my cheek. So, I don't know if it's coming back now or if it's just something random, I guess we will see in time. Only messed up thing is that if it is coming back and I have to go back on tane I don't know if I will afford it since I have no insurance and am unemployed right now due to a foot surgery. My foot was shattered to pieces plus my heel and they put a bunch of screws in it and some plates. This happened about 9 months ago and I still can't walk 2 miles without my foot getting swollen and hurting like a mofo. So, yeah I will post back and we shall see if it's bad or good news.

This is how I feel at the moment ( I need something good right now)


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Glad to hear that your skin has been clear for this long. And good luck with your foot!

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i have a question...if thats ok...when you were on accutane did you get a rash on your arms???

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^^^ Its completely normal to get rashes on your arms and body while on accutane, its probably from dry, irritated skin. try using cortizone cream or an intense moisturizer

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yes like 10schick said it's normal and yes I did get them, plus I would get scars easily.

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