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Bad Day, Again



So today my skins been so dry and flaky looking again, all around my eyes and nose. I also seem to have a lot of clogged pores around my nose and start of my cheeks. I have had a few break outs AGAIN across my cheeks :( euggh... this is all just so frustrating! I know that retinoids do seem to have good weeks and then bad, but very disheartening.

I gave myself a cleanse with my glycolic wash to rid of the dead skin that was sitting on the surface... hopefully in a few days this will all calm down


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Aww, chin up lovely, it'll pass. With any luck, the Glycolic will help stop the dryness and the dead skin clogging things up any further. Plus that might even open things up for the Epiduo to really get to work.

Can't say I know what would cause the pores to clog though, unless it's the Epiduo starting to bring stuff out. Whatever is behind it, don't be too disheartened because that's not going to last forever - you might even look back in a week or two if it calms down and wonder what the fuss was about! I can't claim that it's easy to keep things balanced though, I used to go through a roller coaster of emotions almost daily and certainly on a weekly basis with my acne, let it have far too much control over what I did and how I felt. As long as you don't fall into that trap and keep on battling, you'll get there. :)

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I hope it passes soon for you! its just hard to imagine having clear skin your skin feels bad and something new pops up daily. i would love to speed up time for us both!

i'm going through the same thing w/ differin after 7 weeks both my cheeks are covered in red marks and pimples along w/ hyperpigmentation so i decided to stop differin as my skin was semi-clear before. tretinoin did the trick for me before just made me oily, i'd rather be oily now than these red zits.

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