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Day 22



Hey guys,

So it's been a few days since my last entry, I'm back to school and i've been kind of busy. I can't believe I'm on day 22 already.. So, I want to make a list of the positive and negative side effects so far starting with the positive lol


1) Less oil. That layer of oil I had every morning on face after I wake up is gone

2) Less of those annoyingly painful cysts I get on my chin and jaw line during certain times in the month

3) overall, less breakouts


1) infrequent tingling sensation after the first few days, but that's gone

2) some backache but I don't believe that's completely related to the medicine. I was carrying a heavy bag on my shoulder and I guess that contributed to the back pain.

3) my gums bleed very easily when I brush my teeth. I mean I have some gum problems but this is ridiculous lol.. I don't remember reading about that when I was doing my research.

4) I have one giant pimple on my nose right now & a smaller cystic one that's resolving on my jaw line. I expect those around this time of month and of course, they did not disappoint :/ I have 3 or four minor ones on the side of face.

5) still breaking out on my back when I exercise and sweat

6) Oh yes and how can I forget the DRYNESS and chapped lips lol.. they weren't kidding about the chapped lips.. I keep moisturizing them but I got blisters on the corners of my mouth and they're killing me so please remember to moisturize the corners for your mouth too. I hope they're not infected or something, I am using blistex.. hopefully they heal..

7) increased thirst

I know it takes some patience and living with acne for 7 years of my life has certainly taught me that.. but I am just a little discouraged.. I haven't been getting much love on this website either so please drop a comment.. I'd love to hear your experience and suggestions.


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