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After Accutane (Pics)



Hey, finally have time to upload some pictures because my exam is out the way now...

I just have redness now but that's really improving since I started using bio-oil. I thought it was just a fad product but seems to be working really well. I put that on twice a day on my cheeks and when I feel a spot coming up I put Retin-A around that area. I feel a lot better now that I'm not stressing over exams and I don't feel so down. I haven't had any spots since my last entry, and it seems whenever I have gotten them in the past whilst on/just off accutane it's around the same time every month, so it might be hormones or something (which would also explain why I feel so emotional when I get them too).

I've finally started to wear lighter make-up. It's a bit like a tinted moisturised thing and is way lighter than my usual foundation. It's kinda liberating to actually be able to feel a breeze on my skin.


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Looking great, Renn! Especially the right side! Even the marks on the left look pretty minimal to me and I'm sure they won't stick around for too long. Glad the Bio-Oil is working for you. I've used it a few times in the past but never really stuck with it long enough. It was one of those situations where I wanted to fix a few problems but was a bit wary that introducing something new could itself cause further problems.

Happy to hear that you're starting to feel better in yourself, too. Exams go well? smile.png

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Thanks Paul :D The marks look worse on these pics actually because of the light, they're fading quicker than I thought so I'm really pleased! I've researced the bio-oil and stuff before I started using it, to make sure it doesn't clog pores, and i've fit it into a routine so it's a bit easier to stick to-plus my brother used it on his scars so know it works in the long-term.

The exam was really hard, but everyone who took it felt the same (some people were crying). Just glad it's over though, gonna sleep for days :P By the way, your skin looks perfect on your picture! Is the improvement since your doctor prescribed you something, or have you changed your diet?

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lol.gif The very thought of exams is enough to make me cry. Unless they give you a mark for writing your name on top of the paper, then I might at least be in with a fighting chance...

Thank you! Diet change and an increased intake of supplements is responsible for the changes, my regimen and so on hasn't changed. Still using Isotretinoin gel whenever needed and I've another month left on Doxycycline. For the final month, I'm going to take the Doxy every other day and taper off instead of stopping dead at the end. That might be better because when I stopped Lymecycline dead, my skin went mental.

I've reduced dairy, wheat and yeast, also cut out processed and really spicy food as much as possible. Increased my supplement intake - vitamin A, B and D and I'm also taking fish oil.

The stuff I've cut from my diet began at the start of December and it took a few weeks to see results. I was totally clear at Christmas - first time in thirteen years - and it's been that was since, give or take the odd pimple. I suppose I can expect that and certainly shouldn't complain because it doesn't even vaguely resemble the persistent acne I once knew. Right now, I have two tiny spots and they'll probably vanish over the weekend. Most things which have popped up have been due to shaving I think when my skin gets a little irritated around my moth, for example. Pigmentation's calmed down and everything is looking even, not dry or oily, just pretty ordinary. The biggest difference is that, for the most part, things are looking the same each morning and I'm no longer dreading looking in the mirror first thing and wondering what new horrors I'll be greeted with. Starting to feel, well, "normal", I guess...

Enjoy the hibernation. ;)

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I remember people saying you actually get a mark for writing your name on the paper...think it's a myth though :lol:

Yeah, I agree with the gradual end, it'll probably work a lot better than just cutting it off all together. I know some derms recommend doing that with accutane for better results, so maybe it'll work for all acne drugs. Must have been the best Christmas present ever, and I'm just glad I don't have to shave my face, that must be really painful when you have spots in that area. Really hope this progress keeps up for you- and I can relate with the mirror thing. One of the best things about having clear skin is to be able to look in a mirror in natural light and actually think 'hey, my skin's pretty good!'. Unbelievable how much acne can hold back your personality, and you don't truly realise it till it's gone.

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Such a pretty girl Renn - so nice to see your skin clear and you happy. Well done on the exams too and double well done on the lighter foundation. Heavy foundation is such a bad look, but it takes a lot of guts to wear lighter foundation once you've been an acne sufferer. Believe me, I know!

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Aww, thanks ayeaye :) I'm actually content in my own skin, which with acne I never felt. It was a big step for me, having hid behind tons of foundation for so long, but I felt if I didn't make that step soon I never would, and what was the point of going on accutane just to cover my skin as heavily as I used to?! I forced myself to put it on and go to school. It felt great when I got home, knowing I had spent a full day not being caked in makeup, it was just getting past that first hurdle of wearing it for the first time that was hard.

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You're too nice to me unblvbl :P Hopefully some confidence-boosting books I'm going to buy will help me feel better about myself :)

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