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They Say No, I Say Yes... Duh



Dear Acne sufferers (like myself)

I had this conversation with three different dermatologist and they all said the same thing. "Your diet dont affect your acne...". And I couldnt disagree more. I am a true believer that certain foods can trigger acne especially those with cystic/nodular acne. I'm 22 and I eat a lot of fast food, not necessarily Mcdonalds ( i hate that stuff) but more on the line of applebees and ihop. Anywho I did a week experiement where I cooked all my meals and ate fruits as snack and a noticed my acne wouldnt flare but the minute I ate processed food.... BAM! I could feel a bump developing under my skin and it arises two to three days later. I will definately do more tests but so far I'm seeing a pattern.


Oxy face wash BP 10%

Cerave moisturizer 15 spf


Cetaphil cleanser

Cerave mositurizer P.M

tazorac .1% gel


Does anti-oxidants help acne? If your reading please respond. I would love to hear other opinions.


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Not sure about ant-oxidants, just wanted to say that I agree with your post about the food. I also think over doing it will trigger acne, like when I used to go to my fav greasy food restaurant 2 or 3 days in a row I would break out more than usual. But I tried that whole diet thing and eating healthy foods blah blah and that didn't work for me, just made me depressed like a mofo. PEACE and good luck.

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ughr i feel the same! i used to be able to eat everything and anything and never had to worry about my skin breaking out. and now that i do have acne i feel like why should it matter what i eat if i didnt before and never got acne. i feel like the more fast food you eat, the more likely you'll break out but, i still wanna eat what im feeling at the time.

just know what you're going through, it sucks! here if you wanna talk!

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