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Month 3



Andd so month 3 begins..

I'm getting a little discouraged with Accutane to be honest cry.gif I went to get blood work done for my two month check up and after getting pricked 3 times in each arm without getting any blood the nurse finally just gave up. The next week when I went in to the dermatologist I got chewed out for not getting my blood work done..Had to miss class the first day of college to rush to the hospital to try and get my blood work done yet again. Finally got some blood out of me and results sent back to the derm, but then had to go back in to take a pregnancy test for the second time in two days! Ugh, but enough of my sad sob story..

My face has definitely improved since being on Accutane, but I didn't really see any results during month 2. I still have two large cysts on my cheek and a new one is forming on my chin. I'm really hoping that my face will completely clear up during this month! Fingers crossed!!

Otherwise I still haven't had many side effects from the medicine. I've gotten kind of used to the joint pain, though my lips peeling constantly is annoying. I keep catching myself peeling them in the middle of class..hope no one was watching! eusa_shifty.gif I've also been way more moody which I'm hoping will go away once I'm done with the medicine. I went on a roadtrip with a couple of my friends to PCB for several days and I thought I was going to bite their heads off after a day or two. The beach was soo relaxing though and I think I got a little bit of a tan!

Well, here's to clearer skin! Good luck to everyone else reading this!!smile.png


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Hmm I don't know the story behind the pregnancy tests but damn please be careful about getting pregnant on these pills with all these crazy side effects. For me, it was the same thing my face cleared up in the first month or so, then no progress for a while and then it just kept getting better and better. Only side effects for me were dry eyes and dry lips. Oh and I got more emotional on it too lol it was so weird smile.png Good luck and all the best.

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All girls that take this medication HAVE to take a pregnancy test every month before we can get our prescription (you guys get it easy..really haha) Thanks for the encouragement though, I'm glad to know it only gets better from here!

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