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Different Day, Same Problem.



Evening all!

I figured I would blog as often as I could, so as I have some time to spare, why not fill you in on my day to day skin routine and how I help myself with the big issue of self confidence. Sadly enough, not everyone has bags of confidence and I'm incredibly jealous of those lucky sods who do! In order to give myself that little boost I do what most girls and women do, use makeup. You're probably all screaming at your computer/laptop right now, 'stupid girl it'll only make her acne worse!!!' Don't worry I know how stupid it is of me to wear makeup, but I find it's the only way I have the confidence to leave the house, pathetic as that sounds. In a world full of artificial advertisements and the idea of 'perfection' it seems concealment is the only way to get by.

So, here goes, the run through of my everyday routine...

Morning; I'm currently taking my dianette tablet in the morning as it is the only guaranteed time that I will remember to take it. Next, I cleanse my face using 'Clearasil' facial exfoliante, followed by 'Simple' toner. Next I used 'Oilatum' moisturiser as my face can get incredibly dry and I find this is the only moisturiser that soothes this. Next I apply the 'Witch' anti-blemish skin clearing primer and then follow with my makeup application.

Evening; As soon as I get in from college and or work, I remove all of my makeup using all of the above products. Of a night I usually apply 'Sudocrem' on spots I can feel beneath the surface in an attempt to hinder the evil beasts before they rupture the skin. Finally, once a week, usually of a weekend I use a face mask laden with tea tree oil and aloe vera in order to offer my skin a therapeutic break and helping hand.

I've attached an image of myself post- morning routine to show you that though my acne is partially covered it is still quite visible. Makeup it seems can't offer you the 'perfect face' it constantly is shown to promise. Chin up, it wouldn't be the first time the beautiful girls on the telly lied eh? haha.


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The only way we'd ever look like those people on the telly is if there was a real life version of Photoshop, but I reckon being perfect is overrated anyway... wink.png

There are a lot of people on the blogs and message boards who are overseas. Really easy to notice someone else who's in the UK though because they mention Sudocrem. That's stuff's saved me many times. Hurray for those little grey pots of awesomeness! lol.gif

You know, it's not pathetic at all that you might want to use makeup in order to feel able to be out there and to face people. If there's one thing that can damage confidence, it's acne. So if someone who perhaps isn't the most naturally confident person then has to try and deal with acne as well, it's a running battle not to let it shoot your confidence to pieces. As long as you're sensible with your makeup application and you're using products which don't seem to add to your problem, if that gets you through, might as well go with it smile.png

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i feel the same as you do. i can NEVER leave my house without putting make up on. i feel just gross and like everyone will look at my face even more without the make up. right now ive been going through my depression state with my acne. ive been stressing and crying :( not to sound creepy or anything i think you look fine!

its nice to know i'm not the only person feeling like this right now. i have no one around me that understands what im going through.

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Makeup is a definite security blanket, it's simply us staying in our comfort zones haha!

I'm sorry to hear that you're going through that, it's the worst when your acne is really getting you down. But don't let it get to you, everyone goes through it. I know that sounds like absolute crap because it's totally different when you're experiencing it now, but just remember keep your chin up and keep smiling! If you're feeling down just try to spend time with some friends or family, I know being with my loved ones always helps to get me out of a rut if I'm having a particularly bad skin day!

Just remember you're not on your own, I understand what you're going through, I know all about the low self esteem and constant worry that someone is looking at your skin when talking to you. If you just need someone to talk to feel free to vent to me!

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