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Phone Blogging (Phlogging?)



So I'm that desperate for attention that I'm blogging from my iPhone. Why, you haphazardly ask? Because THE INTERNET IS DOWN! It will only take 5-8 days for it to be connected at our new place. 5-8 days!! For them to plug a cord in at the DSLAM. That's ridiculous! They clearly don't understand that my life revolves around the Internet. It's like taking crack away from a crack addicted baby (blame south park). I just feel lost and confused. Do you want to know the worst part? To set up our Internet connection, we had to apply online. That's right. When you don't have the Internet you have to use the Internet to gain access to the Internet. Stupidity!

Anyway, my skin is pretty bad now. I have three or four festering patches of seb derm. In all the usual places. So now that I have selsun, I'll start killing it. I also have a few pimples. Thank you stressful moving!

I must say there are some good points to being untethered. I have more time to read and play piano and to work and workout and DEAR GOD I'm going to the library tomorrow! At this point I may even start French knitting bookmarks for next Christmas.


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You can phlog?! Wow. This may change things. Or I'll be as slack as ever. But still! Mind is blown. Mostly by you coining the phrase "phlogging". So, infinitely, cool. And oh how I love the irony of you needing to apply for the net online! As a final think I love, it's that you say "Internet" (capitalised and everything!), like an old lady. How is your "Internet' today Om? "What's this newfangled Internet thing for anyway? In my day we wrote letters to people. On paper!"

Feeling you on the seb derm and spots issue. Ugh!

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I'm in awe of your dedication to keeping us updated. Its fully appreciated. Personally, there is no way I could phlog. Phexting is enough to drive me batty. I always seem to press the wrong buttons, and then there is the cursed auto complete to contend with......

Oooooh a visit to the library..... I like the library....I love shoving my nose into old books and breathing them in. Aaaaaah......

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Ha ha, what can I say. I was thinking it sounded rather dirty...but no one seemed to get the double entendre. And in defense of the "Internet", damn autospell I like to give things their full names. In fact from now on I shall be calling it the internetwork! Just to remind people that the "net", stands for network.

Hmm, the library has been good. But I always have overdue fines, so it's always an expensive visit. I do love the old books, and the old birds that maintain them. There's something so comforting about that musty smell. They should bottle it.

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OOooh...bottled musty book smell. That reminds me of the book "perfume". Thats an essential book for you to read Om....you will love the shit out of it, I promise!

Bahahaha, internetwork. I just read your latest entry before reading this comment and I got to internetwork and thought "huh? Oh well Resery, you're old and out of it. These young cool kids come up with new names all the time. don't worry about it and move on".

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Lol, I love how you always characterise us as young hipsters. Well, speaking for myself, I am definitely an uncool geek of my generation.

Perfume, I'll have to read it!

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