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Finacea And Facial Hair



It has been about 2 1/2 months since I started my finacea regimen. I still only use it once a day, but I think I apply a rather liberal amount at night. I have been noticing over the last few weeks, that I seem to have more facial hair...even my forehead! lol I am blond and have very fair skin, so the hair is blond as well. I noticed that my hairline seems to be getting thicker! There are these short hairs that just have kept growing, and I have at least 3 new rows of hair. Around my jawline and hairline is where it seems to "come in" the most lol. Oh gosh. I heard of facial hair being a side effect, but they said it was very rare! I think the participants were too embarrassed to confess. That is the ONLY side effect of finacea that I could complain of. It has been worth every flippin cent otherwise!

This may be the first month that I don't have some kind of cystic breakout (fingers crossed). I've so far gone through my period unscathed. I look back to October, november, and parts of december and think that the cysts had to have been caused from eating wheat or soy. wow. All the more motivation to avoid it!

The change I've made in my regimen is the Veltin. I used it on my T-zone, and my skin has been shedding the last few days. I only put it on once! It's the fourth day, and parts of my skin are still peeling. I know you're not supposed to use an exfoliator when on a retinoid, but I have been using the olay clarisonic brush about every day for the last 3 days to help get rid of the shedding cells. I did it VERY gently though, so not to exfoliate too many layers. My skin is very soft and smooth again, and no blackheads/clogged pores. :)

Anyways, skin seems to be taking a big turn for the good. I started using the pratima body sunscreen again (still waiting for the face sunscreen!!!), which seems to have just brightened my skin again in just a few days. There are two minor spots, one on each side of my face around my jawline, that I didn't extract yesterday, and now they look like small legit pimples. :( I imagine they will go away in a few days. It just shows if I dont get those clogged pores sooner they will actually become a zit. rrrrrrrrrrrr I've been eating a little more cheese lately, but still limit it. I had a minor zit on my upper lip/mouth a week ago, which I link to dairy.... Oh well. Skin is still looking awesome, which...is an incredible blessing.

21 days until I am in the arms of a man who loves me unconditionally. Mmmm, a sweet embrace it will be!


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