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The Beginning.



First of all, a big hello to anyone who chooses to come along on this journey with me!

I suppose I should start with a little low down of my credentials, a little get to know me... my name's Lee-Anna, I'm seventeen years old and am a long sufferer of acne. Obviously. Having tried everything in the book, from antibacterial face washes to antibiotics and extensive creams, masks and toners I feel as though I'm reaching the end of my tether! So, I've decided to document my journey through both photographs and words on the pill 'dianette.' With all of the bad hype, I was admittedly nervous to begin with, but as things only seem to be deteriorating into a worse condition I thought needs must!

My acne has really hit me hard lately, and although I've suffered with it for the past three years it seems to have hit home over the past month or so how much it actually does effect me day to day. Avoiding mirrors, the inability to have any self confidence and sometimes being brought to tears by how your skin makes you feel is not something a seventeen year old girl should have to suffer. As none of my family or friends have really ever suffered with acne the feeling of isolation is a difficult one to deal with so just to tell you, you are not alone my friends!

Sure, the situation may be shitty now, but, well, things can only get better. Right? Here's hoping.

I've been on Dianette for just under a week now so extremely early days my friends! I'll attach some photographs for you to see the extent of the acne on my face, and what we're dealing with here people! My face is usually too sore to touch, and it hurts to sleep on one side for too long at night. There are new pimples when I wake up in the morning, typically whiteheads but sometimes there are a few gruesome blistery types too. Can't a girl catch a break? Haha.


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Hey Lee-Anna, welcome aboard! smile.png

Sorry to hear you're struggling with your skin. Not nice to think of anyone being brought to tears by it or suffering physical pain because of it. Been there myself, with the sleepless nights and all, not a nice place to be...

But, like you say, if you feel things are at their worst and you're down at the bottom then the only way from there is up. Plus, the fact you're working on fixing your skin and continuing to explore your options is positive. It's important too because finding what works can be all about trial and error so it helps to keep on hoping.

You're certainly in the right place for support and advice, the blogs and the message boards are great sources of both and you'll surely receive plenty of encouragement on your journey.

Best of luck!

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