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Day 12



alright so yea alot to tell everyone! last night i was itching like crazy on my arm and i know its not poison ivy because i wasn't near any last night. Now this morning i have some rash. (ill put a pic up). its really itchy and my parents said not to itch it, of course and my lips are cracked and i'm using Vaseline all the time now... also my face is starting to break out i think so it might actually be getting to the breakout stage, but i still can't tell!!!

If anyone can comment telling me their experience with these problems?!!?


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2 weeks ago I've had pretty much the same kind of rash but on my hands, thighs and bum :( I had thousands of tiny red zits and it was itchy and not to mention ugly!!!!! It would burn when I was showering. I've been on Accutane for 104 days and it was the first time that I was experiencing this rash. I just decided to put some Cetaphil lotion probably 10 times a day. But not the regular one, but the one called Eczema Moisturizing Lotion. Within a few days it was all gone :)

So try to moisturize A LOT and often and you will see if it goes away... It should! If not, I guess you can go see your doctor and he's probably gonna prescribe you a Cortizone based cream.

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