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Testing Lemon Juice On Acne... (Results)





So I've tried the lemon and I have to say it hasn't really gotten rid of my acne. My pimples haven't vanished but, the lemon has reduced the redness. I could easily conceal my pimples this morning and it just looked like lumps.

I will try lemon juice for a week, drinking it and applying it tropically and see what happens. I'll get back to you guys later.

Most people say that they had to dilute their lemon juice as it stung and had a burning sensation on their skin but, the lemon juice on my skin didn't really sting at all.

(Yesterdays post) I woke up this morning feeling frustrated and angry. I looked into the mirror to see a face with new pimples. I'm just so fed up with my acne. I can't wait for the days when I can sleep with no bp all over my face.

I've been doing a bit of reading and researching today, and found that many people have cured their acne by lemons! So I have decided that I shall try and apply lemon tropically to my acne areas (my nose, forehead and cheeks) after I wash my face and then when the lemon juice has dried onto my skin I will put my benzac ac over the areas.

Wish me luck and I will post the overnight results tomorrow!

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I also read alot of home remedy blogs on lemon juice for your acne. The sites that I visited said to use a fresh lemon and that you can even add sugar to exfoliate while you are at it. I did this for about a month and no change for me :^/ I hope that it works better for you! Good luck!!! :)

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