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Day Thirty-One



I'm on my second package! Yay !

The blackheads that have been on my nose for 3+ years are absolutely gone, holy cow. A month ago, my whole face was a pretty big mess, and now, well, I've still got lots of pimples, but inbetween the pimples is really clear and smooth (no PIH, roughness, etc)

Oh, and for the record, I don't moisturize. Now, don't jump down my throat, because since I stopped, my skin decided to NOT be dry. I just really, really hate moisturizer, and it does not seem to have any beneficial effect. I still put on chapstick about 4-6 times daily, Carmex, and a couple times a week I'll wake up with dry eyes.

I'm growing concerned that accutane just isn't going to do much for me, though, since I'm really not getting either side effects nor significant clearage. I'll have to wait it out though, since I heard that month 3 is the big one.


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