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Still Waiting



Still waiting for the results of my bloodwork. Meanwhile, another big breakout on my cheek ... Hurry up Dr.!!!! I want the green light! At the same time, I am kind of scared of the side effects and was having second thoughts. What if my hair thins? What if I get IBS? Anyway, here is what one friend said who did Accutane twice.

>>...I totally understand the frustration...here's

>> my persepective with pros and cons...


>> If your acne is so bad that it really bothers you...Accutane is the

>> thing that will work. Other Rx's

>> haven't worked for you (me either) and being on antibiotics long term

>> isn't good for your system...most of the people I know who took Accutane were happy

>> with results .


>> Cons...it is rough on your system...the first time I took it I had no

>> side effects but the second time, I had terrible skin rashes on my

>> arms the whole course of treatment and I also had hair thinning which

>> was VERY scary but fortunately stopped soon after treatment and came

>> back completely

>> >> I know accutane works and personally if my acne came back and bothered

>> me enough I think I would do it again but the side effects

>> unforturnately a gamble......the blood tests

>> help to moniter any liver effects so that is good thing

Anyone else have any thoughts?


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