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Jan 11 2012



Well, I'm not pregnant. I got my period January 4th. I was so werid, all the symptoms I was having were just not normal. The oddest ones were the heartburn and nausea. I have also been breaking out all of a sudden, not drastically, but it's like one day I have 4 small pimples, and by the next day or so they are gone. Right now I have one on my chin. It's under the skin, little bumpy and tender to touch. Let's see what happens.

I love that I have no wrinkles!!! I've been using atralin for about 1 year now. The lower jaw line is sometimes a little dry, but the Cerave has done wonders. I've also been using Cerave for 1 year. I have so much faith in it, i don't think I'll ever switch. The only drawback is that it has no fragrance, which I love in lotions. Anyway to solve that I only use Cerave on my face/neck. I have an extra lotion w/ fragrance for the body!!!, problem solved!!!!

My hubby really want us to have another baby. He's very subtle about letting me know. I'm not sure how I exactly feel about it. It's like if I get pregnant, then that would be a blessing. If I don't get pregnant, than that's a blessing too because I love to spend every moment with my son, the love of my life.


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