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New To Acne.org.... But Not Really. Acne Sucks, Dont It.



Hello everybody!

Like everyone that is on the acne.org website, were all acne sufferers in some shape or form. I just would like to give a brief overview of my acne journey. I'm an African American male and I'm 22 years old. MY acne started I would say at 15 and it sucked. It was bad... really bad no exaggerations. I had cystic nodules, black heads, white heads, and hyper pigmentation. Young, insecure, and embarrassed of my condition of course i was set on relieving my physical and emotional pain. I've been through Clearasil, Proactiv, Oxy, Stridex, and many other products. To be honest I don't believe I've used all of those products properly simple because I was in a rush to rid of my pain and all I ended with was flaky dry skin. Prom night was a disaster because I had a horrible breakout so imagine that experience. I grew more and more insecure and finally made my way to a dermatolgist in 2007. She immdiately gave me Tazorac cream .05% and Doxycycline. At the end of the summer I saw vast improvement (it took time but I was patient) I say 65% of my acne got better. Ive been on Tazorac since. I eventually changed to the gel .1% and it has helped allot but I still get acne... almost everyday (cystic acne at that). So till this day I still struggle, everyday looking checking to see and prepare for a flareup. I'm a picker and I so need to work on that. I decided to finally post something on the site considering Ive been a member since 2007. I have so many theories on the cause of MY acne (everyone is different) but If you think my experiences apply to you then jump in at anytime. I'll post my theories in other posts.

Thanks for hearing me out.


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