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Day 62



Happy New Year all!

So I really wanted to write about my new Clarisonic Mia. I know I've only had it for a couple of days, but it seriously is AMAZING!!!!! I was ready to be disappointed, because it really is just a face brush, but it cleans so so sooooo well! I am so shocked. I don't know how those vibrations do it, but it totally decongested my skin since I bought it 5 days ago. I have the blue one and use the 'delicate' brush.

Ever since that horrible reaction I always talk about, my skin had not only gotten super sensitive, but also really lazy and really dull. It was always congested, especially on my cheek and chin area, and had such a hard time regulating itself properly. Dead skin wouldn't shed, but just accumulate and leave a dry, tough layer of skin, which also clogged pores and caused more acne. Also, sebum would just sit in my pores and just dried and stay clogged no matter what cleanser I used. Literally, my skin only looked enlivened and youthful again after microderm sessions and Isolaz because they were so deep cleaning that my healthy skin underneath finally could show through. To say I am shocked that the Clarisonic gives me results comparable to a kind of deep clean as the Isolaz/microderm/facial is an understatement. I know the Clarisonic doesn't disinfect my face like Isolaz, but I really feel it decongests just as well.

My face was so smooth literally after using it 2 times (I use it once a day, every other night or so). I use it the same as the complextion brush from Sephora; I barely push the Clarisonic into my skin, and gently sweep it around my face in circular motions. My skin felt just like after having Isolaz done or microderm... could not believe it, even after just 1 time using it! And it also really helped with the inflamation/redness in my skin now that the skin isn't working so hard to fight infections/push out the congestion. I am so impressed. My skin is soft, supple, and glowy/youthful again! I am so so pleased, you truly have no idea. Not only was I embarassed of my acne, but also the condition of my skin--I remember I've mentioned this before, but it felt like it was aging and had all these dehydration lines and just dry/rough texture. Now, that my acne is clearing and my skin condition is much better, I really feel like I'm getting my skin back! Thank goodness!!

A lot of people said the Clarisonic made their skin "purge" but outside of 2 tiny, tiny bumps, I haven't broken out. Maybe there wasn't anything under my skin to purge anymore as it's been purging for the last 2 months? Idk.

But yes, I am starting to feel good about my skin again. Outside of 1 single pustle, those 2 tiny bumps, and the big cyst on my cheek (sadly, even after the head drained, that persistant cyst remained :/ at least it stopped swelling and is barely visible under my skin), my skin is clear. I look normal again! :D I'm so ridiculously happy, like I feel only other acne suffers can understand that happiness. So hopefully, my skin will be all clear very soon.

I'm really praying that my next Isolaz treatment finally gets rid of that cyst once and for all. If not, maybe she'll put me on antibiotics short term?? Idk... I really wish my derm would just shoot it down with a coritsone shot, but I do have the tendency to get a dent in the skin where the cyst was, and it takes a week or 2 to fill back in. Sigh... I will ask her my options when I see her next week.

Also, now that my skin has calmed down after pigging out like crazy over Christmas, I really wanted to highlight again the products I've been using for months now that have really helped. You'll probably notice my love for French skin care products. I do think they're so good for sensitive skin because the water in France/Europe is horrible, so their skin products are always trying to neutralize pH levels and are exceedingly gentle because of hard water issues. And my skin absolutely loves it! Below are the products I've been using for at least 4 to 5 months now, and what I'll probably continue to use for a long, long time.

Sorry this post was long! Hope it was helpful.


Eye make up remover: Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Face make up remover: Clarins Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs for Normal to Dry Skin

Cleanser: Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter for Dry or Sensitive Skin

Day moisturizer: Olay Complete SPF 15 moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

Night moisturizer: Dermalogica Active Moist (for most days), Janssen Cosmeceuticals Aquatense Moisture Gel (for super dry skin; still itches my skin due to allergy to algae extract, but still the best moisturizer I've found for super dry skin)

Acne medication/treatments: Differin lotion (adapalene 0.01%), Isolaz

Tools: CVS premium cotton pads for removing make up, Clarisonic every other night or less, cotton buds for applying Differin


ps. Don't know if it interests anyone, but if you're wondering what face make up I use that doesn't break me out, I use MAC Face and Body foundation set with Maybelline Dream Matte pressed powder OR Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation (SPF 15, loose powder). I hardly wear foundation because I don't like the idea of adding products that may clog pores, but if I do, it's one of those 2 and I've never had a problem with either of them.

Other foundations I've tried that broke me out are MAC Mineralize Satin Finish liquid foundation and Bare Minerals mineral foundation.


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