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How Long Does Clarvis Work?



Hoe many days until ill see some sign of Clarvis Working.!!!

Thank you!---Please Someone Comment?!!!


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I know this is different for everyone, but I noticed dry lips on day 4. The rest of my skin took some time to catch up. I'm on day 12 and my skin is just now starting to become less oily. I know it also depends on how much you're taking. I'm on 30mg/day, but I'm sure this will be increased next month. Good luck. And be patient - I realize this is not easy. I see lots of people all day long in a professional setting and it just really sucks!

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I was on 40 mg the first month. The lips were the first to dry and only a bit of the skin

2nd month i was on 60 mg and the biggest change has been with the acne. I no longer breakout with inflamed pimples. A few stubborn small cysts have stayed but overall acne is 95% gone.

Onto 3rd month on 80 mg. Goodluck!

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do you think that their have to change my MG next month or does it depend on how well you react to the drug for the first month?

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I started on 60 mg and my lips started getting dry after 1 and a half weeks, and face oil started to go down after 2ish weeks. Just make sure too drink lots of water!

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I am not sure on the mg really. I know it can be done by weight. For my body weight 80 mg is a bit too high but my derm thinks everything will be fine. I know some people stay on low doses and do great and others on high doses. I would just see how it goes and work with your derm. Side effects and other things factor in. Best of luck!

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