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Getting Clarvis Soon!



alright so after my insurance company rejected this medication due to the lack of information passed though Aetna, to CVS and to our derm. i am finally going to get my medication. My mom was very scared on letting me take this drug because of facts that came with it, and wouldn't let me get it at all, until me and my dad went to the Derm. and they said that i have tried all these other products and it was time to switch to this medication; to finally stop this. My dad quickly signed all the forms and we went home to tell my mom, and she was fine with it; also because awhile before that i had to do a report on it in school, and it explained basically that this drug wasn;t associated with IBD what soever. Let me tell you about myself. I have had Acne for about 6years now and am currently 16 years old. umm I really want to get rid of this Acne because it annoys me, and it just overall bothers me. I am alittle scared to start treatment because of what i have read, and heard abut this Drug and what can happen on it. I am not worried that bit just scared to take such a powerful drug. People have said that it will work out in the long run and just stick with it! Im going to put up a youtube video diary, so you can all see my start process. !!! wish me luck! leaving now smile.png


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