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Jan 3 2012



Happy New Year!!!!

I'm still doing good. i did have a tiny set back, I developed 2 zits on either side of my neck. Not large, but noticiable. They have now faded away. It was suprising since I've hadn't had any on my neck in about a year. Anyways, I contribute that to the week off I had eating all sorts of unhealthy foods. I indulged on the things I avoid all year. (soda, chocolate, cake, candy, fried food. etc.) I said I wouldn't fee guitly, but my inner voice says I should have done it. but o well, gotta move on and hit the gym.

I'm trying to figure out why I alwasy feel fatigued.......even when I've been eathing healthy this past 7 years. ???? I must have some underlying condition I'm not aware of......

Anyways, the 1 week christmas vacation was a blast. I did absolutly nothing productive. By the way I don't feel guitly because I'm always on the go, not stop activities from one thing to the next all year long. So I deserved to indulge in lazyiness and sleeping in late.

Well I also indulged in other good feeling things, the reason I'm writing now. I haven't gotten my period and I feel a little different than normal. I've had heartburn since last night and all day today. I feel a little nauseated.

Saturday, I took a pregnancy test, but it turned up negative. I bought anohter one today cuase I just dont feel right.

Another child would be wonderful, but hubby would be thrilled, but I'm a little worried since I am on meds......I even wonder of this is what is causing my small break out....change in hormones???????

I've had tender breasts for more than a week........what to think. As I'm writing this I feel like throwing up..........!!!!!!

I was intimate on Friday, took preg test saturday night.....I know too soon, but

Then intimate on Sunday......I feel worse.....wondering if I should take test or not.

According to my calander, I've missed my period........i just hope its just delayed. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!


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