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Day 12



Cumulative dose: 9.6 mg/kg

Changed side effects since last post: Blackheads more visible (and/or more of them), skin starting to peel/flake around mouth

Persistent side effects: Dry lips

I seem to have gotten new blackheads in my T-zone, and/or the ones that are there look really obvious. Not pretty. I hope it's the isotretinoin working and not the fact that I've upped the moisturizer--about a week ago, I tried a different moisturizer. Only after rubbing it into my face did I notice that the seventh or so ingredient was petrolatum (doh!). I only used it once, but it might contribute to the problem.

The skin peeling and flaking isn't bad by a long shot when compared to the kind of irritation and peeling I would get with benzoyl peroxide or any of the retinoids (adapelene, tazorac, etc.). Yay.

I also started taking an algal DHA+EPA supplement on day 10. Probably all placebo with me, but it won't hurt.


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