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Accutane: The Beginning



Hi everyone,

After 8 years of dealing with my moderate and very persistent acne.. after years of tears, frustration, and embarrassment and months of hesitation and research, I have finally made the decision to go on accutane. I will not even mention the annoying process of finding the right doctor & getting this medication prescribed.. but finally.. I will start the new year with a new hope that I will once and for all beat this disease and have the beautiful clear and healthy skin I deserve (God's will).. The dose is 20 mg once a day..

I need some support as well as any advice or recommendations on good makeup and lotions, chap-sticks, supplements that will help.. my doctor advised me to lay off the makeup and my answer was "NO WAY".. I work and I go to school everyday.. that would be social suicide. The foundation I use is Almay clear complexion 120 ivory & it's supposed to be oil free. I am using Olay (original) as a primer and Burt's Bees LIP Balm. I wash my makeup off with Olay foaming face wash for sensitive skin and once in the morning with baby shampoo. I've been told that that will be too much for my sensitive skin with the medication. If anyone has better suggestions on makeup and skincare products I can use while on accutane, I would really appreciate it.

I will continue to note my progression with Accutane.. I am on my second day :D That book makes it sound like you will die after taking your first pill lool.. Wish me luck guys..


HI Misskat,

I have just finished 4 months of 60mg a day of Roaccutane (UK name).

The results are amazing, haven't had a spot in months and the oil has sudsided to normal but it was a tough journey at some points!!

I used Cetaphil cleanser morning and night, wore my usual make-up but needed a lot less of it ) I used an oil free moisturiser, the same i always used (Clinique Dramatically Different Gel) in the morning and used Cetaphil moisturiser at bedtime but it sometimes still felt too heavy so mixed a squirt of each together and applied.

For lips I tried so many...Burts Bees, Blistex, Vaseline...but the best one was Carmex.

I steered clear of all other skin treatments - masks, scrubs etc as the skin gets too delicate.

My scalp got really senstive so used a salon recommended shampoo and this was amazing - Kerastase Biotic.

Best of luck with your treatment, I hope it goes well and this helps


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Hi Jenny.. I am glad your journey was successful! I wrote down the products you suggested and I will most likely be getting the clinique gel soon. What type of makeup/foundation have you used?

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