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Vitamins And Meds



I remembered why I had issues with vitamins and meds. I have the zinc and fish oil and it's tough to keep them down. The same goes for prescription meds I have had. Though I know you are supposed to take them with food I wonder if there was any tricks. I can't walking around feeling icky trying to hold them down. :(


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I stopped taking zinc when I started taking Doxycycline because the information with the pack said that Zinc can prevent the antibiotics from working as best as possible. Otherwise, I'd still be taking Zinc because I never had a problem with that in itself. I'm alright with fish oil as well and I'm probably a bit strange in that I actually like the taste of the oil inside the capsules. :lol:

I remember last time I took Doxy, I used to feel pretty nauseous sometimes but it hasn't happened with this course. It's a different brand so many that's something to do with it. I make sure I take my antibiotics and supplements with plenty of water and ideally with a meal. I think the key thing is plenty of water, which of course is good for the skin anyway so it's a win-win. If I took the Doxy without water, it's a safe bet that I'd be throwing up all over the place within half an hour! :P

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I take clear skin by herbs of gold. It does help by reducing the inflammation of my acne and makes the size of pimples reduce. Although, it tastes disgusting!!

I just persevere and think that there will be a day when I will be free of acne.

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