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Day 1 (Of Blogging)



Howdy! :) Thanks for reading my blog. First off, I'll just explain my background with acne...

Of course everyone gets acne, but it seems like (in my town), I suffer from it the most. Honestly, everywhere you look people have really nice skin (or nicer than mine, anyways). The way I look at it, I've been suffering from acne for almost four years. I'm in high school, which is definitely not a good time to suffer from moderate-severe acne. For people that know where I'm coming from, they'll back me up when I say that it's really hard to get through the days with acne. For me, the looks people give me are weird, it's hard to find a guy that likes you (though that's really not what i'm interested in - i just want to get through high school!) But what hurts most is what people say. I know, I know, this blog is turning into some sap story. I'm sorry if you feel like i'm trying to get attention or whatever, but i'm really not a pathetic teen blogging their troubles over the internet. So anyways, it's hard to live with acne, especially when you get called names like "pizza face". And it's even worse when you have two sisters, one with amazing skin, and one almost there. Though hopefully, fingers crossed, I will rid my face, back and chest from acne once and for all (hopefully before I graduate).

I guess I could go easier on my skin (hehe). I don't eat the healthiest, though I truly put in an effort (milk chocolate = my weakness), and the conditions I put my skin through aren't helping either. I'm a vegetarian, and the lack of protein in my diet might not be good for my skin. I'm normally stressed, about school or about family. I also play rugby, and the dirt and sweat might not be the best for my acne as well. The fact is, I love being a vegetarian, school (nerd alert), and playing rugby waaaaay too much to even think about giving those up, all for the sake of getting clear skin. Though maybe I don't have to...

In this blog, you'll read about my life with acne, and my travels towards clear skin. I'll review items, and tell you the acne solutions I've tried that have clearly failed. Hopefully you'll be able to share the experiences with me, and relate to what I have to say.

Currently I'm using the st. ives naturally clear green tea scrub. It's good, i suppose, but doesn't clear my skin. Sure, it keeps my acne under control, though I still get the occasional pimple, and my current pimples just aren't going away. I'll post more entries later, maybe with photos, but for now I'll just have to stick with posting weekly updates on my acne.


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I know exactly how you feel! I'm like the only girl in my group at high school who has moderate acne.

I don't want to sound dramatic but, I am hoping for the day that I will be rid of acne forever.

I think you playing rugby is good for you as you are exercising and sweat is getting rid of the oils and bad stuff in your skin. Don't give up rugby. Being a vegetarian may contribute to your acne as you may not be receiving the right nutrients etc from meat but, if it is what you believe strongly don't change yourself! Maybe you can take multi-vitamins or dietary supplements??

I am wishing you the best for your acne!!

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Thanks! I never thought of it that way, cleansing my face from oils and such (: Glad i'm not alone! & I wish you the best with yours as well!

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