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Day 57



Hi all! I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season smile.png

Since my skin was doing much better after my last Isolaz treatment, I decided to hold off on it and go in again in 4 weeks. My next Isolaz appointment is on January 11th.

Although my skin is doing significantly better, unfortunately I'm still breaking out in 2-4 pustules every few weeks or so. I've noticed as soon as my old breakouts completely go away, new ones crop up and it's so annoying...!! I feel like my skin stays clear for 2 days at the longest before breaking out again. Also that one particularly stubborn cyst on my cheek that has been there since the end of the summer has finally erupted out of my skin and it is SO BLOODY PAINFUL! I hope it means the end of it, but geez... it's so painful that I really can't say I'm happy. And I got a really inflamed cyst on my nose, and it's itchy and sore too... so my face is not feeling that great at the moment. I'm thinking the holiday pigging out had a lot to do with this last breakout, so hopefully everything will calm down in a few days when my eating habits go back to normal.

While that cyst on my cheek finally seems like it's on its way to its death, my derm did mention maybe antibiotics were the next step if my skin doesn't clear up. I've been dreading to hear her say that, but I already have had an inkling since I've gotten Isolaz every 2 weeks 4 times now and while it's really helped, my skin isn't as good as it can be and the results have kind of plateaued. So I've been doing some research on different antibiotics to talk to her about at my next appointment. I'm strongly considering Doxycycline. I know it's usually the last resort if you can't tolerate Tetracycline and Minocycline or have shown no improvement on those 2. But I'm going to stop fiddling around because I know I don't have the strongest stomach and why am I going to wait to take this as a last resort when I've been suffering for so long? Unless my derm has any objections, I'd really prefer to try this first. Also my boyfriend takes this religiously for his acne and his skin is SUPER clear now. So I know it works if taken correctly. So we shall see...

Lastly, I think I'm going to go ahead and buy the Clarisonic Mia tonight. I've been wanting it for a long time, but couldn't justify paying over $100 for a face brush. But my sisters got me a Sephora gift card for Christmas, so I think that is what I'll use it for. Also my skin has just been awful to me the last few days... It's dry as sandpaper. Driving for 12 hours during the holiday season with the heater on, and being at my parent's house where the heater is on pretty much all day has just sucked my skin dry. My skin is flaking like it is healing from sunburn... it's horrible. :/ So the Clarisonic would be nice to use right now... haha. smile.png Happy to be back in LA where it's not terribly cold and I don't need to use a heater. In fact, I've been sleeping with a humidifier on full blast since I've been back and it's helped loads.

Agghhhh... today is just not a good skin day. And unfortunately, it makes me feel pretty rotten. But it'll be better soon, and it already is a lot better from where I started 57 days ago. Getting rid of acne requires a lot of time and patience...... poop.


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