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Day Three



Okay, so, im only on day three so nothing in terms of side effects of improvment yet but i thought i'd start posting pics so you can log my progress in a visual way (much more satisfying) !

this is me pretty much back to square one - i also have no make up on (well i have mascara on, but no foundation/concealer).



I'm abit new to all the blogging at the moment so i don't really know about re-sizing or anything , anyway depressing as it is this is me now :( I have been taking my 40mg a day at tea time WITH food because last time i didn't, it sounds stupid but it wasn't specified by my derm or pharmacist and as I was away at University I ate erratically, so for the first week i became quite ill, teary and really lethargic, wanting to sleep alot. but after about 10 days i was fine :) and i've been fine so far , even though its early days im hoping taking it with food will ensure this doesn't happen again.

I'm a runner so i'm wary of the "achy joints" side effect which i didnt get last time, and i was going to the gym alot with no consequences.

anyway thats me today :)


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Good luck! I hope you don't have overwhelming side effects before you can complete the time! I'm kinda afraid to take accutane.

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thankyou :) me too! although I think if my hair fell out again (which was the worst one) I would just put up with it and then cut it off when i finished my course....cos it thickened again after i stopped. Don't be. I would say (if you havn't found a medication your happy with that keeps it under control that is) go for it :) the side effects really weren't all that bad, dry lips, hair, and a few flaky red patches on my arms (which went away with hydrocortisol ..i think thats how you spell it) was all I got, and they all went and i had perfectly clear skin for over a year which only returned, i think, because i didnt complete the full course. if you want to do it i would say go for it :)

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